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John McEntree Bowman formally opened the Westchester Biltmore Hotel
and Country Club in 1922.
Mr. Bowman sought to create a sportsman's paradise within easy reach from the bustle of Manhattan. Westchester Country Club has held many significant golf majors and remains one of the country's premier club facilities.

C2 Limited was retained to lead the design for a new casual themed bar and grill located within the Club's historic Sports House.

Client Testimonial

"In the fall of 2015 a small group of club members sat down with Craig Smith from C2 to begin the creation of a transformative new bar & grill room at the Westchester Country Club. The meeting started with Craig Smith asking us “so, what are you looking for?” I immediately chimed in saying, “Nobody answer that!” I continued, “We want the bar over there, plenty of seating, beautiful wood, classic pictures on the walls, and a timeless/classic look which gives a nod to Westchester’s amazing heritage. Now YOU tell US what we want”. This turned out to be the most fortuitous sentence the committee could have made. We put our full faith in Craig, Christina, and the C2 team and we never looked back.

To say we were pleased with C2’s design, process, involvement, and “hand-holding” might be the understatement of the year. They were amazing every step of the way. Their ability to take limited direction, interpret & define “the feel” we were looking for, and articulate this vision in an incredible rendering, and then final result, made us know, as we had heard, they were the best.

A club with 1,000+ members is going to have a myriad of ideas and opinions about how this new bar & grill room should look, but the confidence C2 instilled in the committee, by constantly walking us through their rationale and thought processes, made us sure we were travelling down the right path.

The membership thought they were getting a really nice “club” bar & grill, but what they got was the nicest bar & grill, club or otherwise, that they will ever walk in. The response has been off-the-charts and this new room will truly change the way the membership uses the Westchester Country Club.

I cannot speak highly enough about working with C2. Craig, Christina, and the team were a treat to work with and they exceeded our loftiest expectations. I know I am not the only one at Westchester who is taking a good look around the club to see what other spaces can be vastly improved by C2’s incredible designs."

‐ Mark J. McCooey, Chairman, WCC House Committee,
   Member of Travis Room Renovation Committee

Private Club Styling Assignments

Sports House:

  • Lobby and Championship Boards
  • Travis Room Design
  • Turnkey FF&E
  • Signage/Graphic Design

Main Clubhouse:

  • Residential and Guest Room Hallway Design
  • Turnkey FF&E
  • Signage/Graphic Design